Dovetails in Tall Grass

Dovetails in Tall Grass

A Novel
By Samantha Specks
Published by SparkPress
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Inspired by the true story of the thirty-eight Dakota-Sioux men hanged in Minnesota in 1862―the largest mass execution in US history―Dovetails in Tall Grass is a powerful tale of two young women connected by the fate of one man.

As war overtakes the frontier, Emma's family farmstead is attacked by Dakota-Sioux warriors; on that same prairie, Oenikika desperately tries to hold on to her calling as a healer and follow the orders of her father, Chief Little Crow. When the war is over and revenge-fueled war trials begin, each young woman is faced with an impossible choice. In a swiftly changing world, both Emma and Oenikika must look deep within and fight for the truth of their convictions―even as horror and injustice unfolds all around them.

The award-winning writer, Diane Wilson (Dakota), provided cultural feedback during the writing of Dovetails in Tall Grass. 
paperback | 9781684630936 | August 24, 2021